All the UX series pianos are manufactured using higher grade materials than the standard U series pianos. Externally the UX series all have the famous X bracing on the back, adding more strength to the construction of the piano. The front panel is vented to allow more sound from the front of the instrument. Internally the bass strings are longer on the UX models than the standard U model pianos, even though the pianos are the same in height. Yamaha has achieved this by curving the bridge at the bottom of the piano. Higher grade wood and felt are used on hammers and dampers on all UX models.

The original, new retail price of X series instruments was about 30% higher than the U series and the Special X series was about 60% higher. This would mean that in order to purchase a X series 48” Upright, the cost would have been approximately $13,000 for the X series and about $10,000 for the standard U1. Those fortunate enough to own one of these pianos usually kept it for a long time.


Color: Polished Ebony

Condition: Lightly used

Height: 50″

Width: 60″

Length: 24″

Weight: 516 lbs

Origin: Japan

Year: 1985

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