Piano Services


Master Piano Service is not only the piano store to sell new and used pianos in Calgary, we also provide all professional piano services to our valuable customers. Unlike many other commodities, you can enjoy the same quality of piano over its lifetime with the right care. A high-quality piano can bring your home beautiful sounds and immeasurable joy, it is an investment with immeasurable returns. However, with the changing weather and humidity levels over the years, the materials may expand or contract, and therefore changing the tunes and may cause damage to your piano. Therefore, it is recommended to service your piano once a year. Master Piano offers a wide-range of piano maintenance and services to help you maintain the quality of your piano.




Piano Tuning is essential to maintain the quality of your piano. Tuning is a process which alters the pitch of the piano. Regularly scheduled tuning will help the player. With our experienced piano technician, pianos will be tuned to match international standard A-440 (A above middle C vibrates at 440 cycles per second), the international pitch standard.




Piano moving is a specialized service which demands a great deal of knowledge and technique. Never trust an amateur mover, or a furniture moving company as piano is a delicate instrument and an unsuccessful process may cause serious or unrepairable damage to your piano. Master Piano Service have a very good reputation for our moving services at a competitive price. The piano moving specialists uses tools designed specifically for moving pianos.




On-top of regularly scheduled tuning, cleaning is also recommended to keep up the quality of your piano for skilled or developing players. Our experienced technician will clean the soundboard, strings, keyboard, action, action cavity, cabinet, plate, tuning pin area and more. Polish and additional services are also available.




If you are interested in purchasing a piano elsewhere but is inexperienced with pianos, we can help you! Piano inspection services take about 45 minutes, depending on circumstances. we will inspect the soundboard, bridges, strings, tuning pins, test pin-block torque, casework, and all other pertinent features of the piano. Piano appraisal before buying: can give advice on the value of your piano.




If your piano has damages like sticking keys, broken action parts and strings. Our experienced technician can also repair them and other damages at a competitive price. We offer a wide range of repair service and every piano is unique, for further information, please feel free to consult us!

• Hammer felts are vacuumed, brushed and sometimes filed to restore a clean surface.

• Light rust is removed from treble string surfaces.

• The soundboard is cleaned with a gentle solution and soft cloths are inserted between the strings to gain access to these hard-to- reach areas.

• The tuning pin area is carefully brushed with soft bristles and vacuumed. The keyboard and action are removed from grand pianos to expose the inner keybed cavity where debris collects for years.

• The entire area is vacuumed, brushed and thoroughly cleaned. Extra: We can also arrange to clean and polish the exterior cabinet.